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Ways the Church can address a specific need being discussed this week

Ways the Church can address a specific need being discussed this week (There are many others, so there is no excuse to remain in the comfort zone).

Regarding the issues with ethnicity, police, and brutality:

1. Christians can contact their local Police departments to require the following

  • Zero tolerance on the violence of any kind (One strike you're out).

  • Further training on interactions with the community, subduing a suspect, pride, building community trust, etc.

  • Bodycams and accountability resources.

2. Christians can begin evangelistic ministries with the police.

  • Develop a ministry to share the gospel with the entire police department.

  • Develop a 20-30 minute presentation that discusses the honor of police work, community perspective, and how the gospel is the only solution to peace within an individual and community.

  • Offer prayer and counsel to police officers.

3. Christians can start ministries to go into local communities where there is a great need within the community and where there are most issues between the community and police.

  • Adopt vacant lots and convert them into community gardens, playgrounds, etc. and use them to engage with the community to show love, understanding, and to share the gospel.

  • Start youth and family programs to help restore the family structure and guide youth to a path of hope through the power of the gospel.

  • Start Bible studies, discipleship program, community programs in local rec centers to share the gospel, and address social issues.

  • Plant a biblical church within the community.

  • Offer prayer and counsel in the neighborhood, learn about their needs, and meet those needs while sharing the gospel.

These are just a few simple examples to help spark ideas according to the will of God. As you can see each one addresses social issues but is focused primarily on proclaiming the gospel, the only solution to sin on all sides, and discipleship to lead people to spiritual maturity.

See it's not that difficult, the difficult thing is to stop sharing your opinions, wasting your time at a keyboard, start speaking and living biblical truth, and GO!

If you need help to start a local ministry contact us at The Hope Movement.



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