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Alan Sharing the Gospel while battling ALS

I am heartbroken to announce that my dearest friend, board member of The Hope Movement, and eternal brother in Christ Alan Henningsen passed away from ALS a few minutes ago. Over the last several days he struggled to breathe and was in great pain. I saw him Monday evening and he asked if I was going to do evangelism on Saturday. I said yes and he responded in a whisper if God chooses to heal me I will be there with you. Let us carry on Alan's heart for the gospel, lost souls, the purity of the church, and stand up for the preborn by being eternally minded, proclaiming the gospel, and making disciples until Christ returns and we are united together again freed from sin, pain, and sorrow. The video is a clip I recorded last week while visiting Alan. He loved lost souls and shared the gospel with his caretaker and anyone he would encounter.

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