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From the Founder's Heart

I am trying to find the words to express to you my Lord how I feel about my love for you, the honor I feel to be called by you and the love I feel for those whom we serve and those who help us serve them. I long to be a radiance of your presence, that when they look at me, they don't see but you. I hunger to be close to you and bring others closer to you.

I cry for those in need and feel their pain as if it were happening to me. I feel your anguish for your heart is connected to my heart. I am consumed by my awe of you and the responsibility that you have called me to do. I don't want to fail you or others but rather long to make you proud of me, not for ego, but because I love you so much that I want to make you smile and bring joy to others. I trust you with every fiber of my being. I am in awe how last year we lived 100 percent on faith, not knowing how we were going to pay expenses but you never failed us and always provided. 

I have lost it all for the cause of spiritual development so that I can understand what it feels like to be poor, lonely, broken, abandoned, depressed, have a broken home and have no place to go. I understand and rise from the ashes to develop into the man you have called me to be.

For I can drown, I can hunger, persecuted, pulled asunder, nothing can separate my love from you, nor stop me from I am call to do. 

I rise up to be the voice of the voiceless to shout their cries to your people to stir their hearts to be a cheerful giver to help those reaching out to us.  I rise to stand firm, unashamed of your Gospel and proclaim your message of repentance and salvation to the nations. I rise up, and if I stumble, I will take a stand again. If I fail, I again rise up. For greater is he who is in me then he who is in the world. 

I cry out through these pages, my pen, my songs, my music, mission work and with my voice to all around me to answer the call and rise up. Rise up people of God and step outside of your comfort zone, change your priorities, throw your agendas of ego out the window and take a stand. Go to the places where no one will go even in your own back yard, but where many are in need of you to show love. compassion and hope. Stop making excuses for your inaction. For a day has arrived for the church to stop trying to please man and understand the purpose for their existence which is to glorify God. Glorify Him not only with words but action. Take on the burden of His heart and go into all of world and preach the Gospel. Rise up and get back to the basics, the foundation of our faith. Utilize your time and finances to advance the Kingdom of God. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray for each one reading these words and ask you to touch their hearts, heal their wounds, strengthen their faith, and shake them to answer the call and be The Hope Movement.

In Jesus Name,

Jonathan Roiz

Founder/ President/ Missionary

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