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New Book "Dead in Allah Alive in Jesus" by Mustafa Abubakar

Hope Movement Publications has released the new book "Dead in Allah Alive in Jesus" by Mustafa Abubakar. The book is available in Ebook and Print.

Click the Image to Get your copy today for yourself and others!


Mustafa describes his life growing up in a Muslim family in Kenya. He was a faithful Muslim, going to the mosque, praying many times daily and studying his koran but something was missing, he was lost. After the death of his father, God sovereignly used a tragedy in his life to lead him on a journey. Although Mustafa took many sinful wrong turns on this journey, in the end, he found what was missing in his life, he was no longer lost. This book is less about a Muslim who came to Christ and more of a beautiful theological journey revealing how Christ seeks out the lost, clothes them with His righteousness, not because we first loved Him, but because He first loved us.

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