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Overview About Us

The Hope Movement focuses on two main areas:

Theology Famine Relief:

  • We go to counties and in the U.S. to conduct workshops to train the local church on theology, expository preaching, ecclesiology, and discipleship.

  • Through evangelic efforts nationally and internationally where we conduct missions to evangelize and also support evangelistic and street preachers who are under the covering of their elders.

  • We write and publish books, tracts, and other materials (We have 3 books published), we translate materials into different languages and distribute them through local missionaries.

  • We produce evangelistic apparel to help people to proclaim the gospel and raise funds for the ministry.

  • We produce theology teaching videos in English and Spanish. We also just launched a free online seminary in Spanish and English and plan to expand it to Chinese, Russian, and Arabic.

Poverty Relief:

  • We connect the finances of the local church in the U.S. to missionaries and indigenous ministries who have no other or little support to help feed the hungry, care for the orphan and widow, build water wells and houses, provide medical care, provide scholarships for children to receive an education and support local pastors and churches.

  • Many of our feeding programs are located within the church building which then opens the door to share the gospel with those we serve.

We trust in God that He will provide for all of these opportunities month to month and He has been faithful. In 2019 just to name a few things that took place, over 51,927 meals were served, we continued supporting feeding centers in Guatemala, funded treatment for a child with brain complications and conducted a mission trip preaching in churches, prisons, hospitals, trash dumps, and shelters. Video of missions in Guatemala In Kenya, 120 orphans attended school through our scholarships, Deborah, one of our orphans graduated from High School. Orphans received food, shoes, clothing, and housing. 25 churches were planted under The Hope Movement, over 120 Swahili Bibles were distributed, we continued our bible school, and sent pastors to several reformed conferences for further training. Video regarding Kenya in 2019 In the Philippines, our missionaries Dwight and Cristi Spears were able to assist local churches, provide food to the needy, they distributed Bibles and evangelistic materials in the native language, assisted with typhoon relief and shared the gospel to many. In Baltimore, we continued our work with our community garden, evangelizing, and providing food, clothing, and prayer to over 1,500 people. Video from our Thanksgiving mission in Baltimore Hope Movement Publications developed new evangelistic shirts, we developed two new tracts and translated evangelistic materials in Swahili and Spanish, and we continued our theology education through online video teaching series which reached thousands around the world. Please consider partnering with us by supporting our efforts through financial giving and prayer.

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