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The Procedure

From and Choice42

What do you get when you put Kevin Sorbo’s voice over talent, Aaron Fullan’s musical gift, top tier animators [names redacted] and Laura Klassen’s passion to end abortion?

You get The Procedure. Watch it by clicking right here.

CHOICE42 and Loor have partnered to bring the truth about abortion in an animated short. The four minute video tells the true story of a hospital ultrasound tech who assisted on a second trimester abortion and then quit his job over it.

Today, and CHOICE42 released the video for free. More than 70 other social media platforms have agreed to either share or upload the controversial film.

But what about the short? Is it good?

Eric Metaxas(Bonhoeffer, Letter to the American Church): “William Wilberforce used the arts and culture to educate the British people about the satanic horror of the Slave Trade, and persuaded them to eventually vote against it and end it forever. We must now do the same with abortion. The stunning 4-minute video created by CHOICE42 and -- and narrated by my friend Kevin Sorbo — will go a VERY long way toward helping people understand the evil and violence behind abortion. PLEASE SHARE IT!"

Kevin Sorbo(Hercules, Andromeda, God’s Not Dead): “Wow. This will cause such an uproar. Thank God for that. Amazing.”

Doug TenNapel(Creator of Earthworm Jim and showrunner for Veggie Tales in the House): "It’s difficult to watch, but important for people to see if they’re willing."

Jeff Durbin(Apologia Studios): “Dear God. Dear God, help us. I watched this project and was absolutely overwhelmed with grief and horror. May God use this to open our eyes to this monstrous and barbaric evil, and establish justice for these victims. God help us.”

Ray Comfort(Living Waters and Way of the Master TV Show): “The Procedure is powerful, very moving, and left me in tears. It has the potential to save many precious lives. Please share it.”

Jonathon Van Maren(Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform): “That is incredibly powerful. I wasn’t sure animation could be more powerful than real footage. But…wow. Wow.”

T. Russell Hunter(Free the States):“If I could push a button and make everybody on the planet watch “The Procedure” from CHOICE42 this October 31st, I would do it. It is beyond powerful and needs to be seen and reckoned with. It is a quintessential example of Ephesians 5:11, “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.”

Kaitlin Bennett(Conservative YouTube Blogger): “I felt sick to my stomach watching that. I actually thought I might barf.”

Samantha Cox(mom of two): “I had to cuddle my husband and my babies after watching that short. It made me feel so sad. And angry. I think everyone should see it. I hope God uses this to destroy the abortion industry. And to wake people up. It made me want to go save some babies. And keep them. Everyone needs to see it."

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