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Abolish Abortion Initiative (12/02/2020)

Evangelism at abortion in Baltimore that murders babies up to 22 weeks. They are killing babies and they know it and so do you, so what will you do? Church stand up and go proclaim the gospel.

Update: Four police showed up but we were on the right side of the law. The abortion mill called them saying we were recording clients or murderers. But that's not true our camera was facing us to show what we were doing. After the police talked to the abortion mill a lady came out and started filming us, she was from the abortion mill. However, the police did not say anything to her or about being illegally parked in front of us to block our signs from being seen. It shows the hypocrisy and the spirit of the antichrist that is involved with abortion. However, God was glorified and the gospel was preached.

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