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Abolish Abortion Initiative (12/09/2020)

Evangelism at an abortion mill in Baltimore that murders babies up to 22 weeks. They are killing babies and they know it and so do you, so what will you do? Church stand up and go proclaim the gospel.

Update: Not long after arriving at the abortion Mill a young man walked over to us. He questioned our signs and asked us why we feel that it's murder. Come to find out he was there to murder his baby and was waiting outside as his girlfriend was murdering his child. He said they're here to kill their child because he's too young to have a baby and he didn't think she could be pregnant. I described to him the process a baby goes through, the pain they endure. He saw the sign with the aborted baby and a model of a 10 week old, but he was cold. We told him regardless of the outcome he is forever a father. We offered him help and even to adopt his baby but it was too late We shared the gospel and called him to repentance. Please pray for his soul.

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