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End of Year Thank You

A Special Thank You

Please keep the children and families whom we care for, the missionaries proclaiming the gospel, and those who hear the preaching of the Word in your prayers. It is the end of the year and as we enter 2022 there are many needs. We have many plans to meet those physical and spiritual needs but we can not do it without your financial support. This year we provided thousands of meals, cared for orphans in Kenya, support mission work in Kenya, India, Tanzania, South Sudan, Nepal, and the Philippines. We published new books, supported a new church plant in Africa, provided scholarships and several students graduated. We preached the gospel on the streets and at abortion clinics, babies were saved from abortion and lost souls heard the gospel. We need the strength of God and your support so that we can continue to help those in need around the world all for the glory of God alone. Soli Deo Gloria (To God Be The Glory)



Thank You From Africa

We appreciate your support in helping the orphans and widows in Kenya, the Bible schools, and church plants and for allowing us to share the Gospel.

Thank You From Guatemala

You have been a blessing to us throughout the years. The seeds that have been planted in the hearts of the children and growing and we pray that you continue to support us as the Holy Spirit completes the work being done.

Thank You From Asia

Thank you for supporting our missionaries and churches in Asia. You have helped feed the hungry, provide housing, provide Bibles and theological materials, and pastoral training in the Philippines, Nepal and India.

Thank You From Europe

In a continent where few think there is a need for missionaries we thank you for giving to support missionaries and gospel evangelists in Paris and in other areas of Europe.

Thank You From the United States

Because of your giving, we have been able to proclaim the gospel at abortion clinics saving babies from murder while offering assistance and the gospel to families. We also feed the hungry and proclaim the gospel in dangerous communities. We are also publishing books and materials and offer a free seminary online.


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