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Give to Fund an Open-Heart Surgery for a Missionary

We have a wonderful missionary who is originally from Baltimore, Maryland but is now serving in the Philippines. Recently he had an angiogram. He had an antigen test, blood work, and x-ray. The result of these tests is that the doctors found that he has blockage on the left arteries, 4 to 5 branches, and 80% to 90% blockage. Angioplasty is no longer an option so the doctor stated that a bypass (open-heart) surgery is required. The cost will be Php 800,000 or $16,000. We have pledges for $8,000 but need the remainder amount, as the doctors in the Philippines will not conduct the surgery until they have the funds.

Please consider donating to cover this urgent surgery to help this brother in Christ who is making an impact for the kingdom of God in the Philippines.

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