Help Start New Church In Baltimore City

There is a desperate need in Baltimore City for a solid Biblical church. Believers in the inner city have limited options in the midst of a city consumed not only by abandoned homes, poverty, drugs, alcoholism, and violence, but also churches which poison the soul with unbiblical teachings and if they do teach biblically there are not enough churches close to the community. When a community is evangelized and people come to Christ where do they go? How will they grow to be more like Christ? They need a church that is founded on the Scripture Alone, Faith Alone, Grace Alone, in Christ Alone and for the Glory of God Alone.

The Hope Movement united with like-minded churches has been evangelizing in a troubled community in Baltimore located on East North Avenue. We converted vacant lots into a Haven of Hope Community Garden where we not only landscape the garden to beautify the neighborhood but we also feed the hungry, pray with people, provide counseling and share the full counsel of God and the glorious truth of the gospel. However, we have very few options to refer people to a church whe