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New Ministry Partner UMGO in the Philippines

We would like to present a new ministry partner for The Hope Movement as God is opening doors in Asia.

About UMGO

United Ministries Gospel Outreach (UMGO) was founded by Dwight and Cristi Spears. Dwight originally is from Baltimore, Maryland. After Christ saved him, Dwight dedicated his life to evangelism, faithfully proclaiming the gospel in parks, streets and any place God would open the door. As a singer/ songwriter God has given him an opportunity to teach biblical truths through music all for the glory of God alone. Later in life, he met his wife in the Philippines and soon after they were married and he moved from the United States to the Philippines as a full-time missionary. Together Dwight and Cristi operate their ministry and offer support wherever there is a need and wherever God leads. They support churches in the Philippines by shipping supplies from the U.S., distribute Bibles in English and in native languages, provide biblical materials, assist in church planting and building, provide educational supplies to local children, conduct Bible studies and strive to edify the body of Christ in many other unique ways. As a ministry partner with The Hope Movement, we have the vision to support them by raising needing funds, allowing them to focus on ministry and providing for the many needs, provide evangelistic supplies, and assist them in proclaiming the gospel and helping those in need.

Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of this wonderful ministry. There are a lot of needs and they need your financial support!

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